Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Politics of Fear

What Shark Attacks Can Tell Us About Trump (from December 12 Star Ledger)

Trump and others do the fright thing.


  1. Wonder why you have few if any posts? Easy. You are in a left wing media with a left wing view and are in tune with what I perceive to be the Leftist, Socialist or whet have you of Irish Central. What crap. The Irish do not like Irish Americans and only mention us as one of theirs when it suits, e.g. JFK etc. If we vote for Trump, we are name calling bigots, a true Left standard BS statement such as Racist, Homophobe when you have unsubstantiated opinion. What I site is empirical data.
    The media here, even Fox News attributes Trump's success to blue collar, undereducated etc as you stated with lower middle class. I am Irish American and my wife Eastern European heritage. We have University degrees and both have over a year of post graduate education as well as responsible positions. We were going to vote for a Black, whom you identify as the N word, but Dr. Carson dropped out. We went for Trump.
    Our goal is to wrest this country from greedy Socialist tending Professional Politicians. So, please keep on in the spirit t of Goebbles, I believe it was...Tell a big lie often enough and the people will believe it. May I suggest Lincoln's statement... You can fool most of the people...but not all of the People all of the time.
    Hope this typed out well as I wrote it on the iPad with little room to scroll to review. JMO

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